A reference and promotion

That era has passed, my faith in the fact that the unique konetnt + optimized site content and lead to results. They certainly bring, but so poor quality that it is a pity aborted time.

While on the other hand … A new belief in the external links to the correct anchors, particles (thematic index of citing), he is sometimes eggs Yandex.

A couple of questions to this topic.

Do not lose your receipt reference value in the near future?
When the citation index will depreciate relative to other elements (work that, from the point of view of web masters, not so tedious)?


Sorry, but getting links – this is still the trump card in the foreseeable future.
I would not hold my breath in anticipation of devaluation of reference in relation to the other elements of the algorithm until the semantics of the Web will not come, or until the HTTP protocol will not replace some other. Because links are the main link, the cement upon which the Web. And for the foreseeable future they will be the easiest way to determine the importance and reliability of the document for the bots.

So says the website optimization. And when I look at it TCI = 2300 starting to believe that getting a couple of inbound links to empty resource directories and a couple with quite incredible to face – I get my result.

After analyzing its resources on the subject of dependency visits from TCI resource and external references (indexed by Yandex) I came to the conclusion – that the steering is subject external links will stand for a long time. And nothing seems to be done about it, the bots do not believe a word 🙂 Yes, work to improve the rating of the reference complex and tedious, for each anchor will have to be overcome or to pay, but it’s worth it.

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