iPhone 6 Repair in Edmonton Made Easy

The first moments after you realise you’ve broken your iPhone 6/6S screen can be devastating. You both hate yourself for being silly enough to try and save a bit of money and not putting a proper case on it, as well as just want the issue fixed as soon as possible. No one really thinks they will break their phone, and is quick to laugh at others that have to dish out to get it fixed, or even worse simply buy a brand new phone.

The good news is that if you’ve broken or cracked your iPhone 6 or 6S LCD in the Edmonton South Side area, there are several options you can look into to get the issue fixed sooner than later. Unfortunately Apple users have been breaking their phone screens since the initial release of the iPhone in 2007, so there are plenty of official and un-official solutions.

AppleCare and Warranty Replacement

Broken I-Phone 6 Screen
Broken I-phone screens are a nightmare for those of us that cling to our phones as lifelines. But the can be repairedreplaced easily enough…

When you purchased your iPhone, assuming it was brand new and through Apple or an official cellular carrier like T-Mobile or Verizon, you were likely pitched an Apple Care warranty plan at a $99 price point. Many people thought these were a last minute cash grab, but in fact it’s the most cost-efficient and official methods for fixing your broken iPhone screen or other hardware issue. This warranty entitles you to two phone screen replacements. While it is an official replacement, it does take 2-3 days for Apple to ship you a refurbished phone and there is an extra cost for devices that need additional repairs (i.e home or power buttons). This is still the only official replacement plan, and you can rest easy that the local Edmonton, Alberta Apple Retail location you are dealing with is 100% legit.

Third Party Phone Repairs in South Side Edmonton

The most popular service by far would definitely be third party phone repair which boast same day turnaround times, usually within the hour and can even sometimes come to you and replace the entire front screen right in front of you. Are these services worth it, or should you skip them and avoid the possibility of further damage to your beloved iPhone 6?
The truth is both – unfortunately for those of you with a first generation iPhone 6, you may be looking at an expired warranty which leaves you with limited options. Established PC repair shops have begun offering iPhone repairs and leveraged their experience to get high quality OEM parts in stock which make a big difference among the sea of low quality phone repair shops in the Edmonton area.
As long as the repair shop you’re dealing with offers an extensive 60 day warranty, and has been around longer than a year, you are looking at $120-150 for a good iPhone 6 screen replacement. Our preffered choice if you are local is Matrix Repairs in Edmonton who can get an iPhone screen fixed in under an hour and offer on-site service at no extra cost.

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