RU Domains and Yandex

At the end of the first half of this year, the second-level domains increase in RU domain was 24.13% (for the same period in 2005 – 20.51%). As at 30 June 2006 in the RU domain, there were 554,519 names. This year is not marked slowdown in domain registration in the summer months. You can say the number of domain growth “stabilized” at around 4% per month.

So we will be one of the owners of the domain. Earlier somehow easier chtoli looked at this domain, because their sites promoted as the Ukrainian and Ukrainian audience. I do not see any difficulty to promote products from Ukraine through the domain RU.

The main advantage of this see – more lenient attitude chtoli Yandex domain. And register it faster and “see better”, respectively, and to promote it by Yandex should be begged.

Let’s see what the difference is between our Previous and current domain ru, can be any, as may be significant. In that hope. By the way, this site will be one of the “sattelitov ‘online stores, because experience has shown traffic from Yandex brings the greatest profit.

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