Yes, that also happens!

Already mentioned the hosting ISP Server, which attracted my attention, and is first in line to replace my current post is not very high-quality Ukrainian hosting

And if not for my advance on to the already probably have long taken advantage of their services. And now, when they occur event:

Spring Virtual hosting for half price!

And it would be desirable to collect the suitcases with all the projects, data bases and zahostit them. But why?

Reason one – development. I do not expect many new and really learn effectively for some 7 months of the blog, for lack of knowledge development and even, perhaps, to organize their own business. Methods of promotion opened up new spaces and want to now start trying everything I know. But for this you need a good hosting … This is the very news from the company ISP Server:

Congratulations on the arrival of spring! This spring the company ISP Server 10 years old. In its first anniversary, we give gifts and discounts are not only our favorite regular customers, but also for those who are going to become.

Season stock lasts! Everyone connected to the virtual hosting in the period from 3 to 31 March 50% discount on all hosting period. The discount applies to both a subscription fee and all additional services.

Hurry! March fly by.

I think only 20 days left

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