The low-frequency queries. Continuation of the experiment

In continuation of the post of “woofer and promotions. Experiment”.

To promote the main site for the low demand, I was going to pomschyu pair of satellites built on the same script lying on subdomains of the site. The venture failed due to the fact that the promotion of these subdomains is very difficult. It is easier to buy back a couple of domains that in the near future I’m going to do and push them to unite Satellites in a similar structure.

Despite the failed part of the experiment, he vsezh did not go into the dressing and have their findings. Moreover, the positive findings, particularly positive for website promotion by long tail.

Thus, as shown by day, Google good uncovered the site, attendance has risen to an average of 35 people a day, which is not bad for a pacifier. In my opinion of course. All interested in the fact that by analyzing keywords on which Google gives me tops and next)) it turns out that low demand is a very up and bring it targeted traffic to the site. Strange but true. Bass hierarchical structure helps.

This same structure I used to promote the online store. Google already sees the site very well. With the e-shop even flowed orders. And as in an experimental site, it is also key up queries on the bottom of the page in the site structure. Of course there is one oddity. Google raschihlil somehow links to Javascript.

Of course, Yandex acumen not scored and just yesterday the site was bystrobot. Today, online shop dropped out of the index, so soon we get to the tops or on Yasha ban or how often he is 🙂

Zhdems results.

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